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Training Tips: Basics

What are some basic things that you need to train your new puppy? How do you train them? Here are the three things that you need to train them:

1. Sit

2. Come

3. Stay

Sounds pretty easy, right? These three commands are the building blocks of any tricks your dog knows.

To teach your dog to sit, obtain a variety of small treats. Capture your dog's attention. Show the dog a treat. Move the treat from the dog's nose to behind his head. Say "sit" as the dog sits and reward him with a treat. Praise your dog's behavior. Release your dog from the sit position. Sometimes you may have to push the dog's behind down if they don't want to sit down.

To teach your dog to come, put your dog on a leash. Hold the other end of the leash. Say "come" once, then quickly move backward. Keep moving backward until your dog gets all the way to you. When your dog catches up to you, say "Yes!" Give your dog a treat.

To teach your dog to stay, say "Stay" in a steady tone of voice and put your hand out in front of you with your palm facing forwards. Wait a few seconds, then press your clicker and reward your dog for staying put (see "Training Tips: Clicker" for more information). Next, ask him to go “Down” again, then take a step back and say "Stay". Repeat until your dog listens.

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